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Field Sales

Face to Face sales representation and account sign up

Salesfuel will recruit, put a sales team on the road and manage every aspect of sales activity to provide transparent and clear accountability throughout from identification of the prospect through to final sale and account management.

We have also developed ways to ‘share’ this resource, reducing what can be a considerable proportion of your sales costs. If appropriate, field sales can be shared by more than one company if geographies permit – such as agencies or franchises with specific territories or B2B companies in non-competing industries.

Field Sales can be used to support product and service launches or support entry to the UK by overseas businesses.

Salesfuel will:

  • Recruit, train and manage a team of field sales to sell your products or services direct to customers.

  • Support them with telemarketing/telesales to pre-sell, generate leads, make appointments and support post-sale account management.

  • Identify prospects and build a sales pipeline.

  • Build and manage the CRM system.

Field sales campaigns or trials can be as little as 6 months – or become a permanent part of your sales and marketing resources and the size of the team can be flexed in relation to demand.

Field sales staff can be employed by Salesfuel but will represent and be ‘badged’ as your company. The alternative is for you to recruit sales staff directly and for Salesfuel to generate the leads. Clearly this is a greater investment especially for smaller companies and start ups.. Salesfuel work with Just Factoring, experts in finding the most competitive factoring rates on the market. You can find out more >>here <<

To discuss your particular sales requirements please call us on 01926 350 020 or contact us and find out how our approach can make a difference to your business.