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Lead Nurturing

It takes more than a phone call every month or week to win new business

Longer-term leads (future opportunities) are often ignored by salespeople who are focused on the quicker wins that meet their performance targets and produce commission generating sales. The net result is that the sales pipeline becomes weak, sales intelligence and notes on your CRM system patchy (see sales pipeline management) and worse still they slip through the sale net altogether. The process of lead nurturing is something that cannot be underestimated especially for more complex high value sales strategies as almost 80% of potential sales will come from the sales pipeline.

Salesfuel can increase success by providing a lead nurturing program. We understand that lead nurturing is about developing regular, meaningful and consistent dialogue with viable prospects. Sales prospects that you have already been identified through prospect profiling but are not yet ready to buy or in some cases even to meet field sales. Lead Nurturing is about building trust, making sure that your proposition is clearly understood so that when a prospect is ready to buy your company will be first in line.

Salesfuel can help develop B2B lead nurturing programs and make sure that all activities are committed to your CRM system so that it can be seen and acted upon in the future.

Protecting prospects from falling into your competitors hands.

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