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Sales Pipeline Management

Sales Pipeline Management

Building and managing the sales pipeline is probably the most fundamentally important source of future, long term and consistent flow of leads.

Prospects are not always ready to buy when first contact is made:

  • The right decision maker(s) needs to be identified (not always straightforward in large and complex organisations where buying procedures may range across a number of individuals and functions. Targeting the decision makers may, therefore, be multi-faceted.

  • The credibility of the product or service may have to be established.

  • A rapport needs to be built.

  • Information about the prospect’s buying cycle must be gathered – specifically when next contact can or should be made and why.

  • There may be a series of contacts before a tender or quotation is requested.

  • The database (CRM system) must be rigorously updated.

These prospects, nurtured and courted, are the future source of sales for your business. To discuss your particular sales requirements please call us on 01926 350 020 or contact us and find out how our approach can make a difference to your business.